• Ability to gather and utilize resources/Crafting
    • Let's hammer out some basic details:

      How many items can be combined at once?

      Could you use the same item twice in one combination? For example, Rock + Rock + Branch to create a stronger throwing knife?

      I think items that you take should respawn eventually, but the time needed to respawn should depend on the importance of the item. Simple items like rocks and sticks can be respawned every time a level is re-entered. An upper limit on how many items a given character can hold should be established, like 5 or 10 rocks, 10 sticks and what not.

      Rarer items should probably appear once or only appear again after certain levels are completed.

      How will players come across "recipes"? [[#|Simple recipes]] can probably be posted in the Cauldron room, where you first learn how to craft. Then [[#|new recipes]] can be learned by leveling up or defeating bosses.

      Also, it seems that characters can craft right from the [[#|start]]. But do we want to have some kind of crafting skill that improves as your character gains levels?

  • Character Level System
    • Every character should gain experience from defeating enemies and, possibly, from successfully crafting items, creating potions, and other similar actions.

      Gaining levels should reward players with increased stats which may or may not be visible to players. What are these stats? I think most people would [[#|agree]] on strength and/or attack, speed and/or defense, and maximum hit points. Additionally, maximum magic points (though it's not clear from the episode if characters are [[#|casting spells]] using magic points or using skills or abilities that aren't necessarily magic point-based). Another possible stat is intelligence, which could be tied to crafting (assuming we want crafting to be connected to player stats so that low level characters are unable to craft complicated items like higher level characters in order to create an obstacle).

      Are there items that affect these stats? How do weapons and armor affect these stats?

      How do character stats compare to each other?

      In addition to increasing stats, does leveling have any other effects? Are some skills/abilities unlocked at certain levels? Are any other game features unlocked at certain levels? (I've proposed that new costumes can be unlocked at higher levels - this way players are motivated to level up all the characters.)

      Where do levels cap off?

      If a character gains experience, do all other characters gain experience as well even though they're not being played? Personally, I'm not in favor of this. I think characters should only gain experience if they are actively used, except for one possible exception:

      [[#|The general]] agreement seems to be that Abed becomes and unplayable character early on in the game. I propose that when his character becomes playable again, he has either gained levels and/or has unlocked new spells/skills/abilities which the other characters do not have - I think the episode basically implies as much. This way, his character will still be valuable regardless of how many levels the other characters have gained.

  • Relationships with NPC's

  • Magic, Fighting abilities
  • Should there be equitable weapons/armor?
  • Pets, Fighting Companions
    • Billy the Escapegoat
    • Annie's Boobs
    • Baby Abed
    • Boobatron 2000
    • Remote-Controlled [[#|Christmas]] Pterodactyl
    • Starburns' Lizard
    • Britta's One-Eyed Cat
    • Pam the Yam
    • Greendale Human Being
    • Horsebot 3000
    • Peirce's entourage
    • Jeff the hermit crab

  • [[#|Poker]] (in the tavern) or similar minigames

  • Bonus level with trampoline
    • You have to bounce up and down while keeping Peirce off and while dodging Joshua's Nazi ninja stars.

  • Paintball target minigame?

  • 8bit Music Jukebox
    • The music for the project appears on two different discs. The music on disc one is the music actually in the game. The music on disc two is found nowhere within actual game play. A jukebox would be an easy way to incorporate all the tracks created for the game within the game. Two options for jukebox player:
    • Mechanics found in original Mario Party, where all the songs are already playable (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnihJBbJQik.
    • Mechanics found in Minecraft, where the player has to find the discs (songs) (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_HqC4WThew).

  • Easter Eggs
    • One possible easter egg is based on the Beetlejuiceeaster egg in Community. If the player performs three separate actions, which are not required for beating the game, using the correct characters for each action, the Beetlejuice character is unlocked and becomes a playable character. The three actions trigger responses from nearby NPCs or the PCs themselves which are more or less the same as those in the three episodes of Community. The first Beetlejuice reference is related to Britta so the action must be performed using Britta as the PC. Whatever that action is would illicit the line "What's the blonde's name? Bitter? Butter? Beetlejuice?" to signal that the first part of the easter egg has been achieved. The second reference is related to Jeff so Jeff must perform the action. The line is about Jeff's underwear so perhaps the action could be Jeff checking a dresser drawer in one of the towns. This action would illicit the "Don't you usually wear the stripey turquoise Beetlejuice numbers?" from some nearby NPC. The final line is spoken by Annie at a computer so the player would be required to play as Annie and check a computer in one of the levels. At which point, her character says, "There's nothing in your playlist except Spooky Party, the Beetlejuice soundtrack!" to signal the final part has been achieved, and the Beetlejuice sprite moves quickly across the screen to signal that his character has been unlocked.

    • Maybe a secret exit that is in the forest that, if you go in it, is a shrine to Dan Harmon and has #sixseasonsandamovie plastered all over the walls. Perhaps other nods to Dan Harmon could be included throughout the game, such as references to the Sarah Silverman Show, The Alewives, or maybe a quest titled "Take down the Grand Master" (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dan_Harmon)

    • Maybe you can unlock the episodic minigames by choosing the correct order of their costumes (like Abed Alien, Ripley Troy and so on.) Then you can replay them on abed's computer afterwards.

    • Have a quest/minigame where the goal is to save Garrett and possibly leave the outcome ambiguous so you wonder if you he was really saved.

    • The player has to find a certain number of Annie's hidden pens, and when they do they get Annie's Boobs as a companion.

    • Amber + Pierce: At a specific point in the game Pierces step daughter, Amber, could come and take half of Pierces gold (a la 1.18 - Basic Genealogy)

    • In the 'Insufficient Friends' slot, after hitting 'tab' five times, you can play as LeVar Burton.

    • If a player ends a level with one bar of health left, the 8-bit version of Senor Chang's rap from S1E13 plays. The reason is the lyrics include the line "This is a Warning, I Can't be killed". The only problem with this is that I don't have the 8-bit version of the song, and i am not sure if anyone else does.
  • Special Items
    • Chaos Dice: Made available only later in the game: When used, character stats are randomized/a random costume is applied/elements such as enemies or items in the level are randomized. This effect may be temporary or can last until the character completes the level. Obviously it can be either beneficial or detrimental depending on the outcomes.